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Accredited retail investors are participating in more private placements than ever.

Total $ Raised Through Non-Brokered Private Placements

Accredited retail investors are participating in more private placements than ever.

The number of retail investors has been on the rise in recent years.

With information more readily available than ever before and numerous tools at their disposal, investors are choosing to eliminate the middlemen and participate in offerings on their own.

This trend was already in motion prior to 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic shifted it into high gear.

From 2017 through 2021, the total non-brokered deals, subscribed in part by accredited retail investors, rose from just $5.6 billion to a whopping $36 billion.

In 2016, over 25 percent of U.S. accredited investors were under the age of 50. This number will inevitably climb as younger investors flood the market in record numbers.

In 2022, these younger, retail investors work remotely and trade on the fly, demanding convenience, clarity, and concision.

The die is cast. There is no reversing this transition, no reason why investors would shift back to less convenient solutions.

But private placements processes remain stuck in the past.

The old way of doing private placements is clunky and obsolete.

  • Private placements remain a powerful vehicle to generate returns. But the paperwork the process generates can be overwhelming.
  • As the number of younger retail investors surges in record numbers, this new wave is dropping their advisors in droves and going DIY.
  • These millennial investors are often unaccustomed to and frustrated by arcane forms. The idea of going to a physical bank to conduct a costly wire transfer is almost laughable to younger investors in 2022.
  • Meanwhile, issuers waste far too much time correcting errors and tracking down payments.

TMX dealLINX is the solution.

TMX dealLINX helps public and private companies manage critical workflows, reduce administrative burden, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk when raising capital through non-brokered private placements.

It is a powerful tool that provides an intuitive user experience in order to control expenses and manage key processes including distribution, collaboration, compliance, funding, and deal completion.

Bringing private placements into the digital age:

Manage Subscriptions

Take complete control of your information distribution. Manage subscriptions in real time, and remove investor process friction.

Control Expenses by Automating Workflows.

Eliminate slow, error-ridden manual processes to accelerate your funding timeline.

Mitigate Risk and Stay Compliant

Control and report prospectus exemptions while reducing operational error risk and your exposure to potentially costly compliance issues.

Streamline Closings with Payments Administration

Benefit from TMX dealLINX's fast, efficient, and integrated payment processing technology, supported by OSFI-regulated TSX Trust, providing the highest level of confidence and transparency.

Reduce errors, save time, improve compliance.

average error rate before using TMX dealLINX - 55% average error rate before using TMX dealLINX - 55%

Before using TMX dealLINX, users bemoaned a 55% document error rate on average, and frequently delayed closings due to payment delays and confusion. The tool drastically reduces these issues.

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TMX dealLINX is revolutionizing the way private placements are conducted

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